Mobile, Energy Efficient, Lightweight, Power And Cooling system (EEL-PAC) during testing (2013).

Mobile Systems

Energy Quest has developed a mobile system for the U.S. Army that produces 1.5 tons of cooling and 3 kW of 24VDC electrical power.  The single integrated system replaced separate generator and air conditioning units that support vehicle mounted systems.  The Army's objectives where to reduce fuel consumption by 30% over the currently fielded system and reduce weight by 30%.  The Energy Quest system demonstrated a 40% reduction in fuel consumption and 22% weight reduction. 

The demonstrated benefits were a combination of efficiency improvements from an integrated system design  and implementation of Energy Quest's patented technology and architectures.

See a video clip of the system running below.

Energy Quest is currently being funded to develop a system that will support forward operating bases, and implement further energy efficiency improvements in the system.