Even though our products can operate on green energy sources, we believe our solutions must be cost and benefit competitive with the best conventional alternative system.   We look at applications with the same perspective as our customers to assure that we offer a clear economic advantage.


Steve Forrest - Director of Engineering 

29 years in the aerospace industry with extensive experience in electronics, electrical, and mechanical systems integration., having spent most of his career developing systems for companies such as Honeywell Aerospace and Raytheon.   

Our mission is to achieve previously unseen energy cost savings for our customers, with very short payback, using innovative systems and technologies.

Company founder, Dewey Benson, has 28 years of experience in the aerospace industry as a systems engineer and controls expert with extensive experience developing new technologies and products.  His last position before taking the reins full-time at Energy Quest was Technology Fellow at Honeywell Aerospace. 

Energy Quest systems are based on thermodynamic cycles and system architectures that have patent coverage going back to 2003.  Current innovations are covered in 3 more patents pending.

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